Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The End of August

Well, it's been a while since I last wrote, and even longer since I last rode my bike. It's amazing when you have an event to train for, you're all gung-ho.... I've been working out at the Princeton Club, enjoying that, and working on transcripts, and it's been hard to fit in riding, even the most beautiful weekend we had. Something always gets in the way. I need to make it on the top of my priority list, because I feel fall is in the air, and it's the most beautiful time for riding. I dream of doing bike rides starting in northern wisconsin, and working my way down as the fall color changes. This may have to wait 2 years, when soccer is over and we have our weekends to do with as we please.

I have thought a lot about our adventure this summer. we're asking Zoe to put together a power point with music and pics. from the trip. It will seem more real to me. Right now our pics. our still on the computer, and not seeing them makes the trip seem unreal.

Enjoy the last week of August!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Why I love biking

Let me count the ways. The open road, and the great adventure. This trip provided that and much more. Memories to last a lifetime.....

One never plans on getting sick, and when I came down with chills Tues., June 30th, I thought it would pass. We all wanted to see Maine, and since the weather was stormy, we drove through Vermont, NH and got to the coast of Maine on Wed., July 1st. We spent the night in Freeport before heading to Bar Harbor and Acadia. I still was not feeling well, and the weather so foggy, you couldn't see the coast, it was time to head back to Madison. The doctor diagnosed me with pneumonia, and the first week of recovery was the hardest, but am now eager to get the rest of our trip posted and hope to be back pedaling the roads of Dane County real soon.

Thanks for following along on our journey. I am glad Steve and I could share such an experience for Zoe and Eric!!

Riding to Ticonderoga - Tues. June 30th

Steve, Eric and I had spread out on what was to be our final day of biking, and Zoe ended up rescuing all of us from a pretty bad thunderstorm. Eric had made it most of the way, 70 miles this day, and Steve and I met up in North Hudson, where we got the bikes loaded and then the rain came. We all agreed the mountains were our favorite part of the ride, the most scenic, and even though there were a few logging trucks, the traffic was pretty light.

mornin' chores

Eric is applying sunscreen, getting ready to ride, and Zoe is washing the morning dishes. We know it's going to be a tough ride today through the mountains, so we wanted to get an early start. Eric and I took off a little earlier than Steve, who helped Zoe break camp, and then got caught in a morning shower. The climb out of Blue Mountain Lake was a tough climb, a good way to wake your body up.

Sunset over Durant Lake - June 29th

Durant Lake Campsite

Durant Lake Campsite

Scenes from our campsite!!!

Blue Mountain Lake

A site to behold at the end of a 70-mile day. Steve and the kids got a great campsite on Durant Lake, just south of Blue Mountain Lake. It was to be our last campsite of the trip.

Adirondacks sprinkled with Lakes

Moose River

Just another lovely spot along the route.

Moose River - Adirondacks

Hard not to stop and take in the beauty of the land.

Mon. June 29th - Boonville to Blue Mountain Lake - 70 miles

I let Zoe and Eric ride the pace they wanted, which was faster than mine, and they had a challenging day of biking. I did, too. There was a significant climb out of Boonville to Old Forge, a real resort town in the Adirondacks. A beautiful day for riding along the Moose River. The mountain views were stunning!!

Day 20 - June 28th, Pulaski to Boonville, NY

I drove the car on this day, and was amazed at how the kids were climbing. The temps. have been great for biking, the humidity not too high. They were predicting storms for the evening, so we decided to play it safe and hotel it for the night.

Day 19 - June 27th - Fair Haven to Pulaski

Steve, Zoe and I rode this stretch of the route and wanted to get beyond Pulaski, but beyond Pulaski 30 miles there was no camping or lodging, so we camped at Selkirk Shore State Park, a nice state park on Lake Ontario.

Shelter from the storm

Waiting patiently for the rain to clear near Palmyra.

Friday, June 26th - Pittsford to Fair Haven State Park

Zoe's turn to drive today and find a site at Fair Haven State Park. Steve, Eric and I set out, but got caught in some rain in Palmyra, waited it out at a park shelter. The weather cleared and we were on our way, riding some rolling hills. Because of the layover, we didn't get to our site until 7 p.m., a 76-mile day. Sleeping never felt so good.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Blue Mountain Lake to Ticonderoga - Tuesday

Had a great campsite at Durant Lake just outside of Blue Mountain Lake. Steve, Eric and were planning on biking to Ticonderoga, but the weather turned rainy. Steve and I made if 52 miles, and eric 70. We're in a great little hotel in Ticonderoga, waiting out the rain, which looks like it will continue through tomorrow (wed.). We may have to drive east of it to find good biking in Vermont. The climbing was the toughest yet. Eric just can't get enough of them. I'll post some pics. later. Even though it's slow-going in the mountains, they are our favorite part of the ride so far.... bring on Vermont!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pittsford to Fair Haven State Park, NY

Steve, Eric and I rode 76 miles, a long day of riding, probably 20 miles longer than I wanted to go, and wouldn't you know it, the hills were at the end. Zoe got us a campsite at Fair Haven State Park, and Steve and I didn't get in until 7 p.m., because of a 1 1/2 hour rain delay in the middle of the day... showered, ate something and in bed by 10:00. Pretty tuckered out..

This is a picture the next morning, Zoe, Steve and I biking from Fair Haven State Park to Selkirk State Park near Pulaski. Lucky for us it was only a 52 mile day... The hills they are a coming...

Sunday, June 28th, our 20th day on the road. I drove this day, hit the laundromat and grocery store. The weather channel at the laundromat was painting a pretty grim picture for the evening, so I checked out a hotel in Boonville, and this is where I am writing this. we're pretty much the only ones here. Pretty sweet. The route was gorgeous, it was 54 miles, and lots of climbing. I'm hoping to be on my bike earlier than we have been, because it's going to be a 65-mile day tomorrow.

Zoe and Eric on the Erie Canal

I just have to tell you how proud I am of Zoe and Eric for coming this far on the trip. It's not easy being in such close proximity to your family 24/7. Yes, we have separate tents and separate bikes, and we all try to keep our distance when one needs it. I'm just so glad we could all share this great experience. I don't think it will become clear until the days and weeks ahead when we look back on it and all that mattered was getting yourself up and on the bike for another day of the unknown. That's what I love about bike trips. And now that we're in the mountains, it will be a challenge for us all, physically and mentally. I was very happy to hear both of them mention to me their desire to lead their own bike trip. I'm sure they'll do it differently, but will take with them the knowledge of this trip as a send-off for future adventures of their own.

Along the Erie Canal near Pittsford, NY

It was Zoe's day to drive, and she found a Barnes and Nobel just down the street from our hotel. She was in heaven reading for hours, as we continued our ride along the Erie Canal. This part of the canal had a beautiful waterfront, and there were lots of sailboats motoring up the canal looking for open water. Lots of activity on the canal.

Lockport to Albion - June 25th

We took a little skip on the roadmap from Angola, NY and drove past Buffalo onto Rochester and hoteled it for the night. The kids and I biked along the Erie Canal from Lockport to Albion, but on our ride, noticed it getting darker in the west, and became quite concerned and our pace quickened, so much so, I don't think I could have biked any faster those last 5 or 6 miles to Albion. As we pulled into town the lightning lit up the sky. Just so happened there was a coffee shop right next to a hair salon, where both Eric and I got our hair cut, as we waited for Steve to pick us up...


I was so surprised my little digital camera caught this with such clarity. it was a magical, midsummer night.

Sunset at Angola Park - Wed. June 24th

It's really hard to leave this campsite. It's been one of the best. Steve and the kids say that I say that about everywhere we stay. Camping can be a lot of work, but we've got it down to a pretty good routine, and it's nice to be outside. After this sunset, the evening sky was clear and filled with stars. I also caught the moon setting over the lake, which you'll see in the following photo.

Niagara Falls

We made it to Niagara Falls, and what a beautiful day it was. We did the Maiden of the Mist, a great boat ride below the falls. The spray felt wonderful!!

Niagara River - Wed. June 24th

This is walking along Niagara River before it hits the falls. As you can see, the sky was so blue. The temps that day were in the low 80s, just a stellar day for viewing and getting sprayed by the water. I can't possibly post all the pictures that were taken, but I'll post a few. Quite a sight to behold.

Angola State Park, Angola, NY - June 23rd - Day 15

We took advantage of this great State Park, south of Buffalo and Niagra Falls, to spend 2 nights and drive up and see Niagra Falls. This site is very close to Lake Erie and is a beautiful spot to watch the sunset.

Geneva on the Lake, OH to Erie, PA - Mon. 6/22

Steve, Zoe and I biked 70 miles to make it to Erie, PA. Marilyn had told us of a great place to check out called Presque Isle, a beautiful 20-mile peninsula to bike/hike and swim from. Pictured here is Eric and Zoe eating the wonderful lunch Eric had bought. It was 4 o'clock, and we were done for the day. Let's say, I was done for the day. We got a hotel right outside the park and enjoyed the civilization of TV and Internet...

Sunset at Geneva on the Lake State Park, Ohio

A beautiful sunset to end a great day of biking. Tomorrow we head for Erie, PA. This was taken on Monday, June 22nd.

Cleveland Browns Stadium, Sun. June 21st

I was taking this picture while riding and following Steve and Eric through downtown Cleveland. It was one of the highlights of the day. As we left the city on Sun. morning, the traffic picked up along Lake Erie, with our destination at Geneva on the Lake State Park, a 62-mile day for us.

Dinner with Woody & Marilyn

A great meal was had at Woody & Marilyn's. They were such gracious hosts!!!!! Great fuel for the road.

River Colors Yarn Shop in Lakewood, OH

I was pedaling as fast as I could to make the 5:00 p.m. closing time, and made in there at 4:30. If only I had more time. But they were having a 20% off sale, so I had to pick up a few skeins of yarn. And the night before, they had a guest appearance by Ysvolda. Can you believe that?

I miss all my knitting friends. You know who you are. I am not getting much knitting in, as biking and camp setup and teardown is time-consuming. But there's 9 days of biking ahead, 11 days until we leave Maine, hoping to be back in Madison on Friday, June 10th.

Cleveland, OH to Geneva on the Lake - Sun. 6/21

It's hard writing this on Sunday, June 28th, a week later, but I want to post a comment and picture of Steve, Eric and I biking through downtown Cleveland. As I write this, we're at the Headwaters Motor Lodge in Boonville, NY, at the western edge of the Adirondack Mountains. More on that later.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Woody & Marilyn's in Cleveland

I finally arrived in Cleveland after the rush hour friday afternoon traffic, and found a beer waiting for me, along with one of the three dogs Woody and Marilyn have... we had a great visit and 2-night layover, with a stop at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a great Bruce Springsteen exhibit. Then Steve, Eric and I were off pedaling on Sundaymorning, June 21st, father's day and summer solstice...

More Alpacas

Aren't they just the cutest!!!!

Alpaca farm

Yes, these cute animals, I just couldn't resist snapping a few of them.

The route along Lake Erie - Fri. June 19th

Eric and I started riding from Huron, OH to Celeveland, and the scenery was beautiful, but the roads got very busy and Eric decided it was too dangerous, but I wanted to push ahead. It wasn't a lot of fun with the traffic, but did see lots of interesting things along the way, as you'll see in the photos that follow...

The Mawmee River campsite

Eric decided to go ahead with a stirfry, even though the winds were a howling....

Cold Shouwer

The cold, open shower felt good after a hot day on the bike.....

Courthouses in Ohio

Ohio has some of the most beautiful courthouses I've seen. I've been in a few, such as in Dodgeville, Richland Center, Lancaster, Darlington... This was on the Mawmee River. We took a needed break across the river from it...

The Mawmee River in Ohio

We followed this river for 2 days, and we camped along side it on June 17th. It was a very windy day, and thought we'd get caught in a thunderstorm, but it missed us. A great camping spot... no warm showers though.

Monroeville, IN to Grand Rapids, OH

The roads this day were flat and the tailwinds sweet. It started out as a bit of a foggy morning. We saw lots of wheat fields in Ohio. The pedaling was easy and we later followed the Mawmee River for more than 25 miles. It was lovely riding.


Yes, they say I take too many pictures, but it's monumental to cross state lines, and I just can't resist a photo op.

Steve and the road ahead

Steve, Eric and I area heading to Monroeville, IN, and as you can see, Eric is nowhere to be seen. He likes to bike his own speed, which is faster than ours... He got ahead of us and the rain. We weren't so lucky, and Zoe ended picking Steve and I up that.

The Kelly Hospitality

We say farewell to Pete and Pat and Amy and head on to Monroeville, IN and then on to Ohio.

Dallas Lake - Indiana

The loveliest spot on Dallas Lake, which we had the pleasure to enjoy for a night.

Scott, IN to Dallas Lake, IN

Zoe and I were looking for reasons to stop on our 30-miler day, and these goats were just too cute. It was fun to stop and see the field of goats, and al the horses the Amish have. We bought some fresh strawberries and peas from some Amish kids. They were delicious!!

Riverside Private Camp - Sun. June 14th

The morning is my favorite time. I'm the first one up, so I make coffee and sit and knit, look at the route of the day and wait for the 8 a.m. wakeup call.

Riverside Private Camp - Sun. June 14th

Really liked this campground in the Amish countryside of Indiana. The mosquitos were the worst, but it was a lovely spot...

Who's having fun now?

Just asked Zoe where this was taken, and she said near Battle Creek, MI. I was just browsing pics. and trying to decide which one to post, and this is priceless... They couldn't be having a better time if they tried...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dallas Lake

We all enjoyed sitting on this screen porch at Pete and Pat Kelly's lake home on Dallas Lake. They really spoiled us..

My first booties

Most of you know that not only do I love biking, but can be seen knitting from time to time. These are the first booties I've knitted, and possibly the cutest also.