Sunday, April 26, 2009

route update

Hi Everyone,

Some news on the departure and route. It's looking like we're only going to have 60 or so days to complete our bike trip, so we're trying to leave very early June and back the first week of August. We'll either put in some very long riding days in Montana and North Dakota, or we may have to drive through some of those states so we can bike the rest of the trip from Minnesota to Maine...

it was a very rainy weekend and not much riding occurred.. Steve and Zoe and I got out for a ride around Lake Monona between the rain showers.... hoping for a longer training ride next weekend...

My knee is feeling a bit better, and Zoe's knee is black and blue, but not as swollen. She's of course, eager to play soccer. I'm hoping for a few more days of rest for her.


Monday, April 20, 2009

Getting Ready - April 20th, 2009

Hi Everyone,

I have counted on my calendar, and it is 41 days until the 1st of June, the week we are leaving on our big bike adventure across America. The family has done a little riding in preparation and is planning a shakedown camping and bike weekend to Devil's Lake in May. Some new bikes and a tent have been purchased, and planning is well underway. Housesitters are secure, and it's all systems go.

Everyone has been so enthusiastic about our trip, and it still feels very surreal to me. Everyday life is so busy, it's hard to believe we'll be leaving it for a while.

More later,