Sunday, July 12, 2009

Why I love biking

Let me count the ways. The open road, and the great adventure. This trip provided that and much more. Memories to last a lifetime.....

One never plans on getting sick, and when I came down with chills Tues., June 30th, I thought it would pass. We all wanted to see Maine, and since the weather was stormy, we drove through Vermont, NH and got to the coast of Maine on Wed., July 1st. We spent the night in Freeport before heading to Bar Harbor and Acadia. I still was not feeling well, and the weather so foggy, you couldn't see the coast, it was time to head back to Madison. The doctor diagnosed me with pneumonia, and the first week of recovery was the hardest, but am now eager to get the rest of our trip posted and hope to be back pedaling the roads of Dane County real soon.

Thanks for following along on our journey. I am glad Steve and I could share such an experience for Zoe and Eric!!


  1. I've followed some of your trip. Sorry you got sick. I hope you got to spend some time in BarHarbor and Acadia. I really like that area.

  2. Trudi -
    I've enjoyed reading along! When you are feeling better, let's catch up at Lakeside sometime!

  3. Rebecca,
    I haven't been on my blog for a while. It's amazing how I've not been on my bike much since being back and feeling well. some of it, due to the heat and humidity, and when you don't have a goal to push you, my motivation drops. Looking forward to it cooling off and getting out again..

    I hope you're well and knitting a lot....